Private Studio Room Rentals

Rooms & Pricing

Studio A 

15 to 13 ft Poles, Aerial Silks & Lyra Room 

$75 - 60 minutes - Max of 4 people

Studio B 

9 ft Poles

$45 - 60 minutes - Max of 3 people

Studio C 

Low Lyra Hoops & Aerial Yoga Hammocks 

$55 - 60 minutes - Max of 3 people

Charged at time of booking and based on availability. Call 850-418-8023 or email to book your private studio room rental. 


  • Space rentals are for personal use (practice, rehearsals, videotaping, etc.), and are not for profit or instructional purposes. Please note, if guidelines are not adhered to we reserve the right to end your rental early without refund.
  • A 24-hour cancelation policy applies when booking a private space rental; you will not receive your credit back for future use if you cancel less than 24 hours ahead of time.
  • Space rentals are booked by the hour. We do not book half-hour rentals.
  • Space rentals for photoshoots or video projects must be booked through Kasey at